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Drivers Ed Spotlight - How to Choose the Best Driving School For Your Teen
It's a Saturday afternoon, a perfect afternoon to run your errands and do all that shopping you've been putting off for a long time for the past week. You need to 1) buy groceries, 2) get an outfit for Cousin Betty's wedding next week, 3) help future high school graduate Johnny select a college, and 4) enroll 15-year-old Tina in college education. drivers. It is sure to be a busy Saturday, better get down to work! Check It: Easy Driving School

So after sitting for 15 minutes and making a shopping list, you head to the local market and spend another hour and a half picking out the perfect melon, sirloin, and finding the best deal on bread. Now he's on his way to the mall where he's determined to find that perfect set of clothes to wear to the big wedding. Two hours and four department stores later, it's on the stock market and finally on its way. You come home and look at your to-do list: Find Johnny's college. "Well," you think to yourself, "it will take a few days to find out, I'll address it when I have a few days off from work." Finally, you reach the end of your checklist and breathe a sigh of relief, all you have to do is enroll little Tina in driving school. You open the yellow pages, dial seven digits, and five minutes later Tina is enrolled in Uncle Bill's driving school and you're halfway to bed for a nap.
So let's recap, shall we?
He spent an hour and a half shopping for food for the next week, 2 hours shopping for clothes that he will wear for one day, he will need several days to select the university that Johnny will attend for four years, and it took him five minutes to select the driving training from her daughter that she will not only wear for the rest of her life, but hopefully save her from one of life's deadliest tasks - driving.

Did you know that the leading cause of death among teens ages 15-19, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, is car accidents (accounting for nearly 40% of all teen deaths)? It's no secret that teen drivers have a higher rate of serious and fatal accidents than other drivers. Many of these accidents are caused by common mistakes or incomplete knowledge of traffic laws. With these heartwarming statistics, it's surprising that parents don't take their choice of a driving school more seriously. Knowledge gained from a good qualified driving school decreases the chances of being involved in a costly, injurious, or possibly fatal collision. When choosing the right driving school for yourself or your loved ones, there are some obvious and not-so-obvious points to consider.

Price should not be a factor. Driver training is one of the most important investments you will ever make for your teen. When looking for a driving school, there is usually an inverse relationship between price and quality. Although the most expensive school is not automatically the best, there is a reason why some schools charge less than others. Some driving schools take shortcuts by investing in cheaper and less safe vehicles. Others hire unskilled instructors they find on the street and can pay minimum wages. Not to mention that most economics schools teach "from the head" and have not taken the time or money to prepare a structured and comprehensive curriculum. If you find a school that you like, but the price is a bit higher than you expected, find out if they have a payment plan. Many customer-friendly driving schools not only help you break costs down into affordable payments, but also offer promotional discounts to help lower the price.

Verify that the driving school is licensed in your state. If your child needs surgery, you probably wouldn't take him to an unlicensed surgeon. Don't make the same mistake when choosing a driving school. Licensed schools really have to get their credentials by complying with a number of state laws and regulations. You can check the status of any licensed driving school and check what kinds of courses they are approved for. For example, in California, the DMV offers a free driving school search service on its website. If a school is not on your list, keep looking!

Check the driving school website. You may not always be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can get a pretty good idea of ​​what it contains. The same goes for driving schools and their websites, and you should take the time to see what your site has to offer. Is the site professional? It's easy to use? What about the content? Is it relevant, useful and